[Digikam-users] assigning image tags to both jpg and raw files in one go

Jens Nie tx.jens.nie at ewetel.net
Wed Aug 26 16:21:54 BST 2009

Hey list.

I use a Nikon D300 to do my photographs and am used to shoot in raw+(jpg) fine 
mode. In digikam i download the images from the compact flash card using an 
USB card reader and split the images by creation date and file format. So all 
images go in date based subdirectories which themselves have folders for the 
jpg versions and nef versions of the images. In order to create meaningful 
albums i use named searches that respect keywords, rankings and date values.

I was now wondering if there is any way to assign the keywords as image tags 
to both the jpgs and the raws in one go or to synchronize the iptc tags from 
the jpg variants to the nefs.

Any idea?

Best regards


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