[Digikam-users] album view

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Tue Aug 4 09:40:59 BST 2009

Hello :-)

I use Digikam for several years now :-). I like it (mostly because I
find showfoto very handy ans easy to use from digikam).

However I have the "new" (not so new, I know, but I had no time to
write until now) album working destroys all my setup. I can't anymore
find my shots.

I use to sort my photos by date. I have them sorted by years first (a
folder for a year), and in this folder by date like 20090804 for today.

so todays photos are in 2009/20090804

until last year all this worked beautifully. No problem in Digikam at
all, I could open albums (id est folders), subalbums...

Now I can't anymore access my albums... I tried just now to rename the
digikam database to force a rebuild and it seems Digikam do not
anymore allow sub albums. I now have a 2009 album, empty, then
20090804 one (and all old albums sorted under 2009)

and before rebuilding the database, I couldn't even access the 1965
album (for example) - this rebuilding makes me lose all the previous

looks like now *all* is related to the creation date of the folder.

This is extremely odd. Most of the time the file/folder date don't
mean anything

did I miss something?


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