[Digikam-users] Printers with full Color Management

Milan Knížek knizek.confy at volny.cz
Fri Aug 28 20:32:20 BST 2009

davidvincentjones píše v Čt 27. 08. 2009 v 16:28 -0700:
> Has anybody found a printer series that provide full Color Management with
> DigiKam under Linux? I am looking for a replacement unit that prints up to
> 13" wide.

The question is confusing - if you have a supported printer (i.e. driver
for linux) and a printer profile, then the printer can be colour
managed. This is not dependent on digiKam.

Have a look at linuxprinting.org for a list of well supported printers.
I use Epson P2100 (quite old today).

Printing in linux usually uses CUPS (spooler), which takes care about
conversion of the data for the printer drivers (gutenprint for Epson).
Some apps (GIMP, CinePaint, PhotoPrint) convert data directly to
gutenprint, even that they use CUPS for spooling.

As far as I know, neither CUPS or the drivers are capable of recognising
the embedded colour space (image profile) and converting to printer's
colour space (profile). Hence this work must be done by the application
- either manually before printing or on-the-fly during printing.

In digiKam: the print dialog in current beta offers to convert to
printer's profile on-the-fly, but I have not tested this part yet.

NB the profiles, which were prepared for MS Windows or Mac OS, are of no
use in linux.


Milan Knizek
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