[Digikam-users] set metadata to both jpg and raw images in one go

Jens Nie jens.nie at ewetel.net
Thu Aug 27 21:33:38 BST 2009

On Thursday 27 August 2009 21:38:46 Sylvain CROUZILLAT wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a D300 to. personally i shoot only in Raw. After i tag and rate the
> raw in digikam and after i convert the raw in jpg with a batch in Nikon
> capture.
> After conversion jpg and raw are tag and rate.

I recently 'upgraded' to the D300 from a D50. On the D50 i also only shooted 
in raw, as that camera hadn't had the feature to create a jpeg in maximum 
quality at the same time. Now as the D300 has this feature i decided to start 
exploring that way. And i am quite satisfied with most of the jpegs the camera 
produces. A conversion from raw just makes no difference, and so a lot of 
images are ready with the download, which saves an awful lot of time.

> in View NX you could see raw and jpeg who have the same name as one
> picture. you could filter picture to see :
> -only raw
> -only Jpeg
> -raw and Jpeg
> -raw + Jpeg as one pricture
> digikam have the same sort of filter except for the last one.
> by the raw + Jpeg filter you could tag the two pictures at the same time.

That would be pretty much it, i think. As a workaround i started coding around 
in python with the exiv2 library, which provides access to exif and iptc tags. 
However there does not seem to be any write support for these tags on nef 
files. Reading however works like a charm. I could of course switch the 
workflow to do everything the other way round and start tagging and ranking on 
the nefs and afterwards apply all tags to the corresponding jpegs with a 
little python script. But this is not as it should be, as i think it is a lot 
faster to deal with the jpegs first.

> This feature could bee very interesting in digikam
> Best Regards.

Best regards


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