[Digikam-users] DNGConverter turns olympus ORF unusable

Goose gclaramunt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 16:35:53 BST 2009

After testing DNGConverter with ubuntu 9.04 (kipi 0.20), ubuntu 9.10 (kipi
0.50) and windows digikam (kipi 0.20 only) i'm completely lost about this...

My olympus *.orf files (e-420) get converted flawlessly retaining all my
valuable exif metadata including makernotes and all...

But there's strange behaviour sometimes when opening those converted orf to
dng with almost every application (tested digikam image editor, rawtherapee,
lightzone...) the developed image is full black with some lighter areas
containint green colours.

I've already tested same file conversion with adobe dng converter and
doesn't show this problem (although adobe converter doesn't retain my
makernotes with focusing data, etc).

As i said, not happening with every *.orf file, but i cannot guess why. I've
searched all over the net last 2 months but... nothing to clarify me the

I can provide files (orf, kipi converted and/or adobe converted), just ak
and i'll upload somwhere.

Thankyou very much,
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