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Luka Renko lure at kubuntu.org
Wed Aug 12 21:30:11 BST 2009

On Wednesday 12 August 2009 22:22:45 tim.jenness wrote:
> > But you had also digikam package installed on your system? Then you  
> > were using
> > system's digikam kioslaves with 4.2.4, which were later broken when  
> > you
> > installed 4.3 (due to unstable ABI of marble widget).
> Aha. So you mean if I rebuild my system's digikam v0.10.0 on a KDE4.3  
> system (I'm running gentoo) then my subversion build will start  
> working again? Fantastic. I will try that (I had not realised that  
> digikam would pick up the old installed version for some things). I  
> can confirm that the system digikam was not rebuilt during the KDE4.3  
> upgrade (but I can't test until I get home).

Most probably yes. kioslaves are always provided from system and digikam uses 
own kioslaves to list album contents. Similar fix (rebuild 0.10.0) recently 
fixed issues for Kubuntu 4.3/backport PPA users, the only side effect might be 
that you are mixing 0.10.0 and svn (1.0-to-be) version, but I suspect database 
did not change.

> Thanks!!

Hope it helps - I am also very glad that we hopefully now fully understand 
this issue (kioslaves, marble and the rest ;-)).


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