[Digikam-users] Star Deletion

DIL23 hex at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Aug 11 09:52:57 BST 2009

Ha! caught me out too! The stars are filtered!!! Go to the status bar and 
select the star rating (your case one star) and all your 'other' images 
disappear and the one star ones re-appear!


On Monday 10 August 2009 20:16:58 davidvincentjones wrote:
> Took a bunch of new images.
> Double click first image to get thumbnails across the bottom.
> Marked the first 'keeper' with a 1 Star (Control + 1)
> Did a couple more .. then realized that "starred" items were being removed
> from among the thumbnails.
> Starred items are now no longer in the DK system!
> Very dangerous!!
> The images are still in the folder but I will need to massage them
> individually to get them back into DK.
> At this point I am using ShowPhoto to open the 'lost' images, save the Raw
> files to PNG and thus retain the EXIF info etc. .... now DK can see the
> images again.
> There does not appear any way to simply rename a Raw file and get it back
> into the system. Just gone!
> I am working with the current 0.10.0 with Ubuntu 9.04 right out of the
> standard synaptic distribution.

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