[Digikam-users] Image Problem not just in Beta

Gurvan Huiban gugs.ml at free.fr
Sun Aug 2 10:25:31 BST 2009


> I am using 0.10.0 with Ubuntu 9.04 ... I have kept well clear of the Beta.
> Inadvertently deleted some images that required that I refresh part of my
> data from a backup drive.
> None of the refreshed material now is showing even though it can be seen in
> ShowPhoto etc.

Same kind of symptoms here (Debian testing - Digikam 0.10). Same problem?

I renamed some files outside digikam. And now, digikam shows me all the albums 
structure, but empty. As if the image database was completely empty.

> Even more alarming when I process the images that I can see they also
> disappear into the black hole.

In my case all the images disappeared.

> Tried removing DK totally and doing a full reinstall .. that is not
> helping, problem remains.

I tried the 1.0.0~beta3-1, but it did not change anything.

> This is really a disaster unless we find a quick fix.

And hopefully, the information (tags, caption) are not lost.

    Gurvan Huiban

     "My mother used to make coffee this way...
         And good."    ("Once upon in the West")

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