[Digikam-users] Filter Pictures by GPS coordinates

gaylord.doirat@libertysurf.fr gaylord.doirat at libertysurf.fr
Sat May 24 14:51:16 BST 2008

Hello, As it's my first post, I present myself quickly:
   Gaylord Doirat, France
   Work : I'm working in forest (logistic to transport woods
to papermill,    exploitation)
   Computer (personal) : Working on Ubuntu 8.04, Digikam 0.6.3
   Camera : Fujifilm S6500
I'm not an active user of digikam yet... But I make some
tests with last version of digikam and I found it very good
and I intend to manage all my pictures with it (~ 18 000).
However, I have one question and I didn't find answer on
Internet :
*Is it possible to filter pictures by GPS coordinate in
*If not, is there a software on linux which allows that?*
For example : GPS coordinate + radius, or town + radius, or
by drawing an aera (circle/rectangle) on a map.
Thanks a lot
G. Doirat 

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