[Digikam-users] Legality of using Google API in digiKam?

Peter Verthez peter.verthez at skynet.be
Wed May 14 20:36:30 BST 2008


I've been using the geotagging feature of digiKam lately using the
Google map integration, and I like it very much, but I found that after
some time (a few minutes) I always got blocked by Google: tiles would
show up in the satellite view saying that no details exist at this
zooming level, which were there only minutes ago.

I found this thread on the Google API mailing list, where it was said to
be a general problem:

I added a message in that thread, with my information that could
possible help Google debug the problem.

However, somebody (not from Google) came back to me saying that the
reason I got blocked is because it is not allowed to use the Google API
from a non-website application.  And sure enough, that is indeed what
their Terms and Services say.

So, how does this add up?  Is digiKam indeed doing something illegal?
Has this been cleared with Google, or are we using a loophole (and it
that accepted)?  I notice that Picasa is also not using Google Maps for
their geotagging, but interfaces with Google Earth.

I'd hate to lose a useful feature, but I also think we cannot just
ignore the terms of Google (whether we like them or not).

Best regards,

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