[Digikam-users] filter bar / case sensitive

Lawrence Plug ljplug at fastmail.fm
Wed May 14 02:45:50 BST 2008

I'm using 0.9.4. I'd like case-sensitive filtering of which images
appear in the main window. For example my camera generates *.JPG files,
but when i develop from RAW the images are *.jpg. I want to be able to
easily delete/move/convert the JPG files.

Is there currently a way to make the filter case-sensitive?

Also, how do I make "Open in Konqueror" work as claimed? Currently it is
Dolphin which opens... which also seems to lack case ensitive filtering.

In the past (pre 0.9.4) I opened the album with Konqueror and used its
select tool. 

Thanks for any direction..

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