[Digikam-users] New search in digikam 0.10

Philippe Arnone philippe at arnone.org
Sun May 11 20:30:32 BST 2008

Hi all,

Sorry for the long delay between my first questions about search and my 

I think that the first advantage of a tool like digikam is to give users the 
ability to search photo within the whole collection. Depending on each user, 
it is quite easy to have thousands of photos to manage. That is even more 
easy to have a huge amount of photography if you use digikam to manage all 
photos taken by your family (wife, children,...). I do not want to talk about 
professional photographer, because I'm not one of use :)

When you need to search within the thousand of photos, it is hard if you do 
not manage in the right way your collection. Let's say that you use IPTC to 
annotate the photos using all or part of IPTC fields. 

I think that the tool search should permit to look at any IPTC fields or Exif 
field. Today, it seems that it is possible to search for a lot of 
IPTC/XMP/Exif tags. Until now, I only found one field that is not present, 
but I think I know why, this field is the "Lens name". It is stored in the 
markernote. It seems that it is not possible to search within the markernote.

Since my last comment, I played a lot with digikam 0.10 and found stuff that I 
did not see before. The search tool seems complete (except search in 
markernote). The more I use digikam, the more I enjoy it.

I think that it will be hard to follow the information that can be found in 
the EXIF. To avoid this problem, why not imagine a "free" search for 
all "tags" or metadata that do not have a specific search ?
It should be easy to have a free search. The user will choose the tag/metadata 
name trough a list built from the database (which know all names).

I'm not sure that my ideas are clearly explained.



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