[Digikam-users] digikam: wish to consume less place

Christian Lorch devnull at xto.de
Wed Jun 18 10:47:28 BST 2008

Mikolaj Machowski wrote:

> Dnia Tuesday 17 of June 2008, Christian Lorch napisaƂ:
>> Hello digikam,
>> I would prefer if digikam could use smaller fonts or icons to reduce
>> need of scrolling e.g. in the "Meine Albenliste", "Meine Stichwortliste"
>> ... in the left sidebar and the same with "Meine Stichwortliste" in the
>> right sidebar.
> This is partially issue of translation. English is very concise
> language. Literal translation into another language may take much more
> space. For example I am not sure if suffix "liste" is really necessary
> in those strings - aber meine Deutschkentnisse is sehr schlecht;)

I didnt meant that the word "Meine Albenliste" is too long but as I read
your posting I think it could be shortened to "Meine Alben" (same with the
other ...liste).

Intentionally I meant that the part of digikam below the
different "...liste" is to space-consuming.


Christian Lorch - der nett.Zwerg-Berater

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