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wayne tedder wayne.tedder at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 06:37:36 BST 2008


My girlfriend is a semi professional photographer that has recently made the
switch to digital.  After fumbling around with Adobe Lightroom she fell in
love with the ease and transparency of Digikam, and since she does rely on
me very much for technical support (and I use linux/KDE) she has decided to
go with it.

Anyway I have a dilema. (web info is very sparse)  I need to figure out ICC
profiles for our current setup.

She is using a Nikon D80 , I have several different monitors, and we are
using an Epson c88 printer at home.  I haven't asked the print shop if they
have an ICC profile to give us yet, but I would like to figure out our setup
so that I can get assure her that the color corrections she is making are
actually the colors that will be printed, and I can tell you that my test
prints are very, very dark.

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