[Digikam-users] Digikam on eeepc

Gerry Patterson thedeepvoice at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 17:52:21 BST 2008

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 11:36 AM, Chiz Dakin <peakimages at googlemail.com>

>  Hi
> Just been trying to install digiKam on my new eeepc, and discovered that
> the package version is only 0.8.
> I see that the latest stable version is 0.93, but when I try to install it
> following the standard tarball destructions on your website, it whinges
> that there isn't a valid C compiler.
> A Digital Asset Manager is the one critical app that isn't on the eeepc as
> standard, and that I need to have (for viewing canon 5D and G9 raw files to
> decide which are the keepers, to add iptc data (eg captions, keywords,
> copyright info) and to rename the keepers) for working away from the studio.
> As it stands v 0.8 of digiKam doesn't have enough functionality, but it
> looks like v 0.9x should have much of the missing IPTC/batch keyword tagging
> I need… but if I can't get it to install, then I may be forced into going
> down the XP install to get a wider choice of DAM software that can provide
> this functionality.
> Please save me from XPing my eee! I've only been using linux since getting
> the eeepc a couple of days ago, but would like to keep it running linuxrather than
> windoze if possibleJ

The default distribution that is installed on the EeePC is called Xandros.
You are correct, they have an older version of digikam in their
repository.   There are a few community built distributions that can be
installed on the EeePC.  They are more up to date and have more recent
versions of digikam in their repositories.  I have not done this myself yet
and wouldn't necessarily recommend that procedure to some unfamiliar with
GNU/Linux in general.

However, if you want to learn take a look at this link:


This was done specifically for the 701 so I don't know how it would relate
to newer model  EeePcs

- Gerry
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