[Digikam-users] trying to install 0.9.4

Martin Fisher martin.fisher at fauna-flora.org
Sat Jul 19 09:38:01 BST 2008

Yes, exactly, the mixing of different styles hurts my aesthetic sense.
But what I was also trying to say was that I think lots more people
would use DigiKam if it was also on gnome.

But yes, of course, DigiKam works OK under Gnome but a little effort is
required - this is not ideal for all sorts of reasons.


On Sat, 2008-07-19 at 10:25 +0200, Andi Clemens wrote:
> On Saturday 19 July 2008 06:57:13 Arnd Baecker wrote:
> > On this point I am sure that I can speak for all digikam-devels:
> > there will never be a DigiKam Gnome version!
> You are right (at least speaking for me), I hate programming GTK and as you 
> mentioned before, a lot of KDE stuff is used so porting will never be done 
> (I'm pretty sure).
> The only thing that bothers me when mixing KDE and Gnome apps (or even pure Qt 
> and KDE apps) are the different looks. I hate that and sure the poster here 
> hates that, too. But ignoring this fact right now digiKam works quite fine in 
> a non KDE environment, even D&D should work the way it is supposed to.
> Andi

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