[Digikam-users] More questions about sort order in folders

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Fri Jul 11 13:44:48 BST 2008

> I have a KDE bugzilla login and know how to use that.  What I don't
> have a clue about is svn etc., I need a quick tutorial on that.  As I
> said I'm a Solaris person, at work we use a combination of an
> antiquated SCCS based code management system and Continuus (commercial).
> If I just say (as it suggests at http://www.digikam.org/drupal/contrib)
>     svn diff diff.patch
> I just get an error
>     svn: 'diff.patch' is not a working copy
>     svn: Can't open file 'diff.patch/.svn/entries': No such file or
> directory

With the line above, you tell svn to give you a diff for the file diff.patch 
(which does not exist), like
svn diff digikam/digikamapp.cpp

What you want is 

svn diff | less
svn diff > diff.patch

Svn has direct help:

svn help
svn help diff

> Which doesn't surprise me at all as I've not got the code using svn or
> anything.

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