[Digikam-users] compiling 0.10 on Kubuntu

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Wed Jul 9 15:49:45 BST 2008

Dnia Wednesday 09 of July 2008, Gandalf Lechner napisaƂ:
> > You have to modify paths leading to libraries. LIBDIR and
> Ok, that sounds like a possible reason - but how do I change these
> paths? I don't know cmake etc, so could you please specify this in some
> more detail?

Place these lines in some {file}:

prepend LIBDIR /usr/lib/kde4
prepend LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lib/kde4

And before compilation and each subsequent running of KDE4 app use

source {file}

in konsole, and run all KDE4 apps from this konsole.


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