[Digikam-users] compiling 0.10 on Kubuntu

Gandalf Lechner gandalf.lechner at univie.ac.at
Tue Jul 8 19:36:04 BST 2008

Hi there, 

I have problems compiling the current 0.10 svn version of digikam under 
Kubuntu 8.04 (64 bit). So if there is someone out there who managed to do it, 
I could use some advice.

The situation is as follows: Following the instructions on the digikam 
website, I checked out the svn kde4 version, giving me a graphics/ and a 
kdegraphics/ folder. Then I gave the command 

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib/kde4 .

in the kdegraphics folder, then make and sudo make install to install the 
libs, works fine. But when I do the same in the graphics/ folder to compile 
digikam itself, I always receive dependency errors, i.e. the cmake script 
claims that several libs (libkipi, libkdcraw, libkexiv2) are missing - 
although I just compiled and installed them from svn!

If someone else has experienced this or similar problems and knows how to 
solve it, I would be glad to learn it, too.


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