[Digikam-users] sqlite step error

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Sun Jul 6 22:24:38 BST 2008

On Sun, 6 Jul 2008, Markus Spring wrote:

> Hi list,
> in the past I used the search very rarely, so I don't know when my current
> problem with this feature started.
> When I want to begin a search, digikam throws an error window with the following
> message
> sqlite_step error: database disk image is malformed on query: SELECT
> Albums.ur||'/'||Images.name FROM Images. Albums LEFT JOIN
> ImageProperties on Images.id = ImageProperties.imageid WHERE ((
> Images.name LIKE '%1372%')) AND (Albums.id=Images.dirid) LIMIT 500;

Is ther really a space in "Images. Albums" ?
((Hmm, space seems to be irrelevant ...)

> This happens in my 9.3 ubuntu version as well as the latest and greatest svn
> version 30 min ago.
> I guess it's not a bug in digikam but more a peculiarity of my setup. Any help
> how to overcome this will be greatly appreciated

No real idea. What happens if you do
  cp digikam3.db /tmp/
  cd /tmp
  sqlite3 digikam3.db
and then paste the above "SELECT ...."

I get SQL error: no such table: Images.Albums

Something like:

SELECT Albums.url||'/'||Images.name FROM Albums,Images  LEFT JOIN
ImageProperties on Images.id = ImageProperties.imageid WHERE ((Images.name
LIKE '%1372%')) AND (Albums.id=Images.dirid) LIMIT 500;

would work.

Somehow the sql request looks odd to me.
Markus: how do you define the search?

Marcel any ideas?

Best, Arnd

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