[Digikam-users] raw file conversion

Thomas Worthington tww at tww.cx
Fri Jan 18 15:16:22 CET 2008

I suspect that what's happening is that the thumbnail view is extracting  
the thumbnail that the camera made, rather than the actual RAW image, in  
order to greatly speed up the process. When you edit you should get the  
actual RAW image which will have none of the automatic adjustments that  
the thumbnail has (since the thumbnail is in fact not RAW in any way).

I'm having a similar problem with my Fuji but in my case it's because the  
"use secondary sensors" checkbox seems to be missing so I'm only getting  
half my RAW data downloaded.


On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:16:53 -0000, gunzip <spammmmme at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm used to shot in raw with a nikon d40 and then convert to a more  
> portable
> format.
> When i display thumbnails and previews of the .nef (raw) files  
> everything is
> simply perfect
> but once i click on 'edit' the images change (they looks brighter and  
> lose
> details).
> This actually happens even if i chose to convert the raw pics into  
> another
> format
> (tiff/ppm/png) despite of the parameters i select, but some details loss  
> is
> expected.
> Actually what i want to achieve is to obtain an image from the raw
> which is _exactly what i see on the screen during the .nef preview
> (ie. clicking on the thumbnail before any processing) but in one of the
> portable formats (no matter of the size).
> The only way i manage to do this atm is to take a _screenshot of this
> preview.
> I assume that there should exist a less clumsy way to obtain the same  
> result
> (they're pixels on a screen so i assume they can be saved in some way  
> apart
> from screenshotting =)
> i'm using digikam 0.9.1 with dcraw 8.39.
> thanks in advance,
> -d.

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