[Digikam-users] Color management with Nikon d40x

junk at lexoncom.com junk at lexoncom.com
Fri Dec 12 23:39:31 CET 2008

I was able to find out that I should use:
Nikon DBase for NEF v3.0.0.3001


But, I still dont understand why images are different in preview and after
raw conversion is applied,

in original nikon software (with profiles applied) images look exactly
like in preview in digicam,


> Hello All,
> I am new to image editing and raw format so apologize to my lack of
> knowledge and probably simple questions.  I have a Nikon d40x camera and I
> use linux ubuntu intrepid with dell latitude d630. Recently I decided to
> take some Raw picture.  Once I loaded them in digikam i run into problems
> with displaying the right colors.  I have read many documents about color
> management but I am still confused. Let me explain my setup.
> The nikon d40x have three options for color profiles:
> aRGB in modes Ia and IIIa (first for portraits, second for web)
> AdobeRGG in mode II (for editing)
> Default is mode IIIa. This is what I use.
> I copied(to linux box)icc files from c:\program files\nikon\profiles
> folder:
> below is the list of available profiles i copied:
> root at blwegrzyn-laptop:/home/blwegrzyn/Desktop/Profiles# ls
> Nk0034a.lns  NkCBoost.nlc     NKGrayG22.icm      NKNTSC.icm
> Nk0034.lns   NKCIE.icm        NKLab.icm          NKsRGB.icm
> Nk0080a.lns  NKCMatch.icm     NKLch2.icm         NKWide.icm
> Nk0080.lns   NKCMYK.icm       NkLchCal.nla       NKYCC.icm
> NKAdobe.icm  NKD1_NEF.icm     NkLchCal.nlc
> NKApple.icm  NKDBase_NEF.icm  NKMonitor_Mac.icm
> NKBruce.icm  NKGrayG18.icm    NKMonitor_Win.icm
> Now have to set digikam:
> for the workspace profile I set SRGB
> for the the input profile I have only 4 options although there is more
> profiles in above folder. I am not sure why only four are displayed:
> Nikon D1 for NEF v1.0.0.3002
> Nikon DBase for NEF v3.0.0.3001
> Nikon Lab Profile v4.0.0.3001
> Nikon YCbCr
> and here is when my problem starts , which one should I choose???
> The all give me same output, so I picked the Nikon DBase for NEF
> v3.0.0.3001 profile.
> For the raw decoding settings I left default settings.
> Then I picked one of the raw pictures and click edit and applied the icc
> profiles.
> The picture looks like it would have less colors and its kind of yellowish
> and green.
> I have read that this can happen with using the icc profiles , but it does
> not look or feel correct.
> Next , I saved the changes and I ended up with png picture that looked
> much worse the the one displayed on the laptop screen. You can see the
> results here:
> http://lexoncom.com/temp/digikam/
> Am I setting everything correctly?
> Is above correct?
> Which Nikon profile should I apply?
> thx
> Bart
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