[Digikam-users] Can't compile SVN digikam: correct libkdcraw lib not found

Paul Waldo pwaldo at waldoware.com
Fri Sep 28 13:10:13 BST 2007

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> So you mean this thread:
> http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/digikam-users/2007-June/003659.html
> ?
> Paul, do you have a system wide installed libkdcraw somewhere?
> If so, could you remove that and try again?
> ((Gilles, If this is really the same one again, I very much
> hope that with cmake and KDE4 this problem does not persist...;-))
> Arnd
Ugh, that fixed the problem.  I had to remove my existing libkdcraw, 
which of course had reverse dependencies on digikam, showfoto, etc.  
Once I removed them, configure found the correct libkdcraw.

So it appears you can have only one digikam at a time, stable or SVN...

Thanks for the help, and let's hope this get resolved :-)

Now I'm off to try to compile digikam again.  Of course my exiv2 needs 
to be updated also.... :-(


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