[Digikam-users] Can't compile SVN digikam: correct libkdcraw lib not found

Jakob Ƙstergaard joe at evalesco.com
Fri Sep 28 10:41:26 BST 2007

On Friday 28 September 2007, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> The way to check if libkdcraw have be already installed is revisited
> now with CMake (KDE4). Against automake (KDE3) it's really more
> simple to make rules/check system.

I have no idea how CMake/KDE4 checks for dependencies, but let me just 
add to this:

The reason for the detected/used header/library mismatches is gconf and 
gconf alone. It does not make decisions based on the behaviour of the 
linker and compiler - it makes decisions based on something entirely 
different which makes it completely unfit for what it is being used to 

Switching to CMake (or any other make system), will not change that. If 
gconf is still used, the breakage will be the same.

Removing gconf from Make and from the autoconf/automake system will fix 
this problem completely.

If someone re-wrote the make files from Make to CMake and in that 
process killed gconf, great, problem solved.

Best regards,
   Jakob Oestergaard

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