[Digikam-users] Error in compiling from svn

Paweł Marciniak pave at o2.pl
Wed Jun 27 08:11:33 BST 2007

Arnd Baecker wrote:

> Hmm, I am a bit surprised that configuration should work
> when two different exiv2/kexiv2 are around ...

OK, just for your information.

I decided to temporary remove libkexiv2* from the system lib location and
restarted make. The compilation failed at the same point, but now
complaining that it couldn't find libkexiv2 library, which was still
installed in the homedir location specified by -L parameter.
So I decided to configure everything once again, with libexiv2* only in my
homedir. It went fine, and compilation succeeded.

But now when I run digiKam, the stdout/err says:

KIPI (loading): WARNING: KIPI::PluginLoader:: createInstanceFromLibrary
returned 0 for JPEGLossless (kipiplugin_jpeglossless) with error number 3
KIPI (loading): WARNING: KLibLoader says: libkexiv2.so.0: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory

several times, when loading various stuff. I don't have access to many
useful features (such as change date/time) anymore. Restoring the
system-wide libkexiv* didn't help.

Strange, isn't it?


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