[Digikam-users] Playing audio without changing focus

Jonathan Ryshpan jonrysh at pacbell.net
Tue Jun 26 03:59:54 BST 2007

I have about 500 photos from a recent trip.  Each photo has an
associated audio file, which is a brief comment about the picture.  
I want to type the content of the file into the comments field of the
picture.  There's no problem playing the file by clicking on it.

Unfortunately, this changes the Digikam's focus to the audio file.
Before entering the comment, I have to click the view icon, and then
click the image to change the focus back.  By this time, if the comment
is long, I have forgotten part of it, and I have to repeat the process.

Is there any way to play an audio file **without** changing Digikam's

Thanks - jon

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