[Digikam-users] Problem with digikam edited jpegs

jc jumpingclear at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 01:21:18 BST 2007

I recently edited some jpegs in digikam 9.1 - quite heavy levels and  
colour correction. I am having odd problems when opening them in some  
windows programs and when printing them. On some I added a plain white  
border. When opening the pic in windows xp picture viewer the border is  
green (I boosted green quite a bit in the jpeg before adding the border)  
and the colours in the photo are displayed differently to how they look in  
digikam. I get the same effect when opening them in CS2 bridge. However,  
in XNview and when opening in CS2 itself they display as in digikam. When  
printing the colours are also incorrect but the printer prints unedited  
pics ok. I tried opening one in XNview and then resaving without any  
changes and the resaved version displays correctly in xp image viewer.

Any ideas?

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