[Digikam-users] converting Pentax RAW problem

Thorsten Schnebeck thorsten.schnebeck at gmx.net
Fri Jun 8 17:23:53 BST 2007

Am Freitag 08 Juni 2007 schrieb Sebastian Kraft:
> It is difficult to argue about that, but the preview image from
> digikam/camera looks just like the scene was in reality. The converted RAW
> file has wrong colors. Other RAW converters like Bibble do it right.

Hmm, I don't know how much "RAW" the raw format of your Pentax is but I know 
much about Canons raw format CRW/CR2 And there are e.g. no whitebalance, 
color temp or gamma information part of the raw data. You only have metatags 
to give some hints how the photo looks like and the built-in raw-jpg 
converter generates an embedded preview.
But raw means here Its up to you how to interpret the raw data.

Can you put a raw file online so its possible to play with it?



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