[Digikam-users] bugs and wishes review

Jakob Oestergaard joe at evalesco.com
Mon Jun 4 15:51:00 BST 2007

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> Hi Jakob,

Hi Arnd,

> I always install to a separate place,
> following the instructions under
> "Install digiKam in your Home Directory"
> http://www.digikam.org/?q=download/svn

That's exactly what I wanted to do (and *almost* did)  :)

> And, yes there is a problem when an old exiv2 (etc.) lies around,
> see this message:
> http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-imaging/2007-May/005106.html
> I have no idea if there are any plans to do anything on this.
> Also, this is a kde-imaging issue (not digikam ;-).
> Maybe you could file a bug report there?

I would say that it is a pkg-config bug. The tool attempts to do 
something but doesn't do it well (why use a pkg config path and not the 
linker path when resolving library versions?  that seems totally broken 
to me, unless I am missing something))

> A temporary solution I use for myself is a small script which
> modifies the configure script for kde-imaging, see below
> (did not quite work last time, I had to change a few
> ones like this manually, but you will get the idea).

I'll try that workaround tonight. Thanks!

Best regards,
    Jakob Oestergaard

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