[Digikam-users] bugs and wishes review

Jakob Oestergaard joe at evalesco.com
Mon Jun 4 13:21:22 BST 2007

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> Dear digikam users and bug/wish reporters,

In the light of all this...

I currently run Kubuntu and have DigiKam 0.9.1 from the distribution. I 
would very much like to run the newer SVN version, but that's when 
things get tricky;

I have not been able to compile DigiKam from SVN for installation in 
~/local/ while keeping the system-default DigiKam (and more importantly 
libkexiv and friends) in /usr.

Compiling and installing the libraries works fine. The problem is; the 
DigiKam configure script relies on pkg-config to determine if the 
libkexiv2 version is sufficiently recent - in my setup, pkg-config looks 
at the wrong libkexiv2 and therefore falsely claims that my libkexiv2 is 
too old, and in turn configure won't generate Makefiles for DigiKam. I 
have compiled and installed libkexiv2 from SVN in ~/local/, but I also 
have a much older libkexiv2 in /usr/.

It is simple to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc. so that the right libkexiv2 
*would* be used by the linker - however, pkg-config does not respect the 
library path when it tries to determine the version of the library - so 
while the right LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set for ld, pkg-config ignores that 
and reports the older /usr/ installed library version instead of the 
~/local/ installed library that *would* have been used by ld.

So, for me, ./configure in the DigiKam directory fails because 
pkg-config does not respect the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Does anyone use the SVN versions of DigiKam and *not* install in /usr? I 
would really like to install DigiKam and libs in my home directory not 
in /usr - and I would like not to have to remove libkexiv2 and friends 
from /usr just to compile DigiKam for ~/local/.

Is this possible?  Or does everyone just overwrite libs under /usr ?

Best regards,
    Jakob Oestergaard

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