[Digikam-users] "Apply" button in right side bar

Caspar Maessen cmaessen at casco.demon.nl
Wed Jan 24 18:21:15 GMT 2007

Op woensdag 24 januari 2007 18:45, schreef Fabien:
  > I'd prefer it to be configurable using part of Marcel's proposal :
  > <<
  > 	a) Auto-apply
  > 		Changes are applied on selection change
  > 	b) No auto-apply
  > 		The "Apply" button is shown. Changes are applied
  > 		only if the button is pressed.
  > 		On selection change with changes, a message box
  > 		asks if changes shall be applied.
  > By default, it would be "no auto-apply" and the 1st time the
  > message box is shown, there could be an checkbox option to choose
  > the prefered behavior : "don't ask again" (=> switch to
  > auto-apply).
This is exactly how I like this to be implemented.

And about the focus: leave it where the mouse is last clicked. 

Politiek en ambtelijk operationeel micromanagement met de uitvoering van 
operaties, kan letterlijk dodelijk zijn. --Rob de Wijk (2005)

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