[Digikam-users] "Apply" button in right side bar

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 17:45:24 GMT 2007


Finally, I also agree.
See below.

Stefan Haag wrote:
> I agree withe Birkir.
> One consistence solution is better than different ways for the same action  
> under specific conditions.

IMHO, this point is very important.

So, I'm ok with that :

1) Single selection
Apply changes only when the button is pressed otherwise nothing is done.

2) Multiple selection
Apply changes only when the buttons is pressed otherwise do nothing.  If
more than X thumbnails are selected a warning pop up seeks confirmation.

But, to not break another wish :
it's also important to be able to modify comments, apply changes and 
switch to the next picture using the keyboard. So, either the apply 
button could be optional (inside the settings), or there should be a way 
to apply changes using a keyboard shortcut.

I'd prefer it to be configurable using part of Marcel's proposal :
	a) Auto-apply
		Changes are applied on selection change

	b) No auto-apply
		The "Apply" button is shown. Changes are applied
		only if the button is pressed.
		On selection change with changes, a message box
		asks if changes shall be applied.

By default, it would be "no auto-apply" and the 1st time the message box 
  is shown, there could be an checkbox option to choose the prefered 
behavior : "don't ask again" (=> switch to auto-apply).


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