[Digikam-users] What is the best way to rotate images?

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Thu Jan 18 22:04:05 GMT 2007

On Thursday, 18. January 2007 22:04, Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> > My camera doesn't record orientation automatically so any photos I take in
> > portrait view are always displayed in landscape. I want to change them all
> > to the correct view permanently so they display correctly whatever program
> > I open them with. They are a mix of jpeg and fuji raw (.raf).
> >
> > I can see two rotate commands in digikam; Image > rotate, and Image >
> > Correct exif orientation tag. I remember there was another method in v8,
> > 'lossless jpeg transformation' but although I have the kipi plugin for
> > that selected I don't see it in the menus in v9.
> >
> > What I want is to permanently rotate the image with no loss in image
> > quality.
> Anything accessible from main window is lossless.
> Image -> Rotate is the kipi plugin. It works only for JPEGs, but it rotates 
> the actual image data. It works for any application that loads the image.
> Image ->Correct exif orientation tag sets the exif info, like some cameras do 
> it when the orientation is set manually. The image data is not changed, the 
> image is rotated after loading. This just changes a few bytes in the image, 
> but needs to be supported by the loading application.

Hmm, 3 menu items to do the 'same' thing.  Sounds like the UI is too
complicated.  How about

	o One rotate/flip menu.  Depending on mimetype digikam
	  decides which method to use as long as it's an lossless
	  operation.  Decision critria:  speed.

        o when there's no lossless operation available inform the
	  user with an dialog with [] don't show this message again
          for the filetype x/y

If this makes sense for others too, I'll submit an wish list report
in case it does not exists already ;)

> >
> > Many thanks
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