[Digikam-users] Importing F-Spot tags to DigiKam

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 15:04:12 GMT 2007

On 17/01/07, Caulier Gilles <caulier.gilles at kdemail.net> wrote:
> Le mardi 16 janvier 2007 17:32, Dotan Cohen a écrit:
> > I'm seriously considering converting to DigiKam 0.9.0 from the
> > wonderful F-Spot. It is paramount that my 500+ tags on 8000+ images be
> > imported from F-Spot. The tags are currently stored in XMP format in
> > the photos themselves, and in the F-Spot sqlite database. What must I
> > do to import the tags? The heiarchy is not so important, as I can
> > reproduce that fairly easily. Thanks in advance.
> >
> Well, digiKAm do not support yet XMP. All pictures metadata are supported by
> digiKam core using Exiv2 library. This library need to be updated for that.
> There is a wish in Exiv2 bugzilla about this subject :
> http://dev.robotbattle.com/bugs/view.php?id=463
> Personally, i think than XMP _must_ be supported by Exiv2 and digiKam. It very
> important.
> Actually digiKam/Exiv2 support IPTC/IIM metadata, witch are the old IPTC
> schema. XMP is the new IPTC schema designed by Adobe...
> If you want to import your XMP info to digiKam, a solution is to write a
> little script witch use ExifTool to copy XMP informations to IPTC/IIM in you
> pictures.
> When you will start the first digiKam instance with your pictures, IPTC
> metadata will be parsed and the right digiKAm tags will be automaticly add to
> digiKam database.
> Regards
> Gilles Caulier

Thanks Gilles. Actually, most of the pictures haveIPTC data as well,
but it is not showing up as tags. It does show up in
Metadata->IPTC->Contact but in the wrong charset. The IPTC data is
Hebrew stored in UTF-8 (as IPTC always is UTF-8), however Digikam
tries to display it as ISO-8859-8, which leads to me seeing
X-giberish-X-giberish-X. See the the 8th example on this page:
It's in Hebrew, but it's an example of UTF-8 text being displayed as ISO-8859-8.

I went looking for the Digikam database but it's not in
~/.kde/share/apps/digikam. Where is it? I might just run a few queries
on the sqlite database to inject the tags.

Dotan Cohen


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