[Digikam-users] tag hierarchy wish 139547

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Tue Jan 9 18:38:05 GMT 2007

> City
>     \_Paris [x]
>          \_Places
>                 \_NotreDame [x]
>                 \_EiffelTower
>                 \_Trocadero [x]
>     \_London
>          \_Places
>                \_PicadilyCircus
>                \_QueenVictoria
>                \_R.A.F.Memorial
> In this case a tagged picture will have following IPTC keywords :
> City/Paris
> City/Paris/Places/NotreDame
> City/Paris/Places/Trocadero
> In IPTC metadata, we are not limited to add IPTC keywords. The Path stored
> by digiKam in these tags is the path to the check digiKam Tags in digiKam
> Tags hierarchy.

If I re-read the mail I misunderstood Daniel,
that he agrees with storing the complete path "City/Paris/Places/NotreDame" 
instead of just "NotreDame" (and I agree, too!)
but he wishes that "City/Paris" is not stored as well. Example:

City [x]
    \_Paris [x]
         \_Places [x]

will be stored as "City", "City/Paris", "City/Paris/Places"

City [ ]
    \_Paris [ ]
         \_Places [x]

is only  "City/Paris/Places".
So here I meant this behavior is all right but it's a bug if 2) is stored like 


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