[Digikam-users] tag hierarchy wish 139547

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Tue Jan 9 16:34:45 GMT 2007

I am currently working in this area (together with multiple selection, all in 
one go). So there is a good chance that things will be fixed.

> > Witch IPTC-stuff exactly ?
> here we go:
> 1) first letter of top parent tag is not saved to IPTC ("Mytesttag"
> is "ytesttag" in IPTC)

regression in current svn, work in progress.

> 2) if a tag-tree is applied the same tags are saved several times:
> 	if tags are:
> 	- Mytesttag
> 		- testtag
> 			- testtag2
> 	IPTC keywords will be (also note missing "M"):
> 	"ytesttag, ytesttag/testtag, ytesttag/testtag/testtag2"
> 	but should be just "Mytesttag, testtag, testtag2"

This would be the expected behavior if all tags are checked, but a bug if only 
testtag2 is checked. I will test for this problem.

> 3) newly applied IPTC data is not shown in Metadata sidebar immediately:
> 	- select a jpg in album
> 	- check a tag in Comments/Tags sidebar
> 	- click "Apply Changes" (tags appear in album = ok)
> 	- open Metadata Sidebar: added keywords are not shown
> 	- select any other picture in album, then again select the previous pic:
> 	  keywords are shown
> 	the same is true in similar way when removing a tag

I will test this.

> 4) photographer identity, credit, copyright are not saved to IPTC when
> using "save as ..." (I've already mentioned this somewhere else)

You can append it to 127583

> if these are unknown bugs, shall I file 4 separate bugs or all in one or
> none?
> Daniel

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