[Digikam-users] Blueish tint in low saturation images converted to CMYK

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Thu Jan 4 07:04:31 GMT 2007


Strange. Please, open a new file in B.K.O and post all picture file in this 
file to perform advanced tests. Thanks in advance


On Thursday 04 January 2007 07:13, Ari El wrote:
> Hi, I post this here because I'm not sure if what I found is a bug or not.
> This is with Digikam 0.9.0 final.
> This is the scenario: I start with an sRGB JPEG image with very low
> saturation (looks nearly B&W). Open it in image editor, then save it as is
> as TIFF (8 bits, no compression).
> Open the tiff in Krita or in Photoshop. Convert to CMYK. Voila, looks
> blueish.
> Now: open the original JPEG directly with Krita (or photoshop). Save as
> tiff (RGB, 8 bits, no compression). Now reopen the tiff in Krita/PS and
> convert it to CMYK. Voila, looks nice, no blueish tint.
> I run into this issue the hard way, after carefully preparing my images and
> then importing them to my Lab's  print order management application, that
> does some 'softproofing' that actually smells and behaves like CMYK
> conversion. All my carefully digikam-processed images were blueish!!
> With Nikon D80-generated sRGB JPGs, Krita tiffs, Photoshop tiffs, look nice
> in this app. Digikam tiffs look blueish, totally different from what
> digikam shows. Maybe a color-profile-related problem?
> My workaround is: generate the tiffs with Krita, then continue the workflow
> on digikam. Seems to work fine (will confirm when the prints are
> delivered...)
> Anyone else ran into this?

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