[Digikam-users] Why does adding a keyword make the file size smaller?

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 19:36:23 GMT 2007


digiKam use Exiv2 library to play with metadata. Witch version you use ?

Can you send me the touched and untouched images in private to test here ?

Gilles Caulier

2007/12/16, Thomas Lunde <tlunde at gmail.com>:
> Hello -
> Is it expected that adding a keyword should make the image's file size
> smaller?  Digikam seems to have done so here.
> Does anyone know what (metadata?) would have been deleted from the
> original file as this tag was added?
> I was surprised at this, so I tried it again and got the same result.
> bottles-unchanged.jpg is a JPG image from a Panasonic DMC-FX12 digital
> camera.  Other than having its filename changed, no modifications have
> been done to it.  I copied the file off of the camera by inserting the
> card into the SD card reader in my laptop and using a file manager to
> copy it to my hard drive.
> bottles.jpg is a copy of this image which was made available to
> digikam.  The only thing that I (intentionally) did was to add a tag
> called "bottles" after having turned on the option (Settings ->
> Configure digikam -> Metadata -> IPTC Actions -> X save image tags as
> "Keywords" tag) to sync the tags back to the file.
> Use of strings shows that bottles.jpg has the tag and
> bottles-untouched.jpg does not.  See also:
> tlunde at noir:~/Desktop$ ls -asl bottles*
> 2188 -rwx------ 1 tlunde tlunde 2236340 2007-12-15 16:03 bottles.jpg
> 2200 -rwx------ 1 tlunde tlunde 2247707 2007-12-15 16:03
> bottles-untouched.jpg
> tlunde at noir:~/Desktop$
> [Ignore the timestamps; these have been moved back and forth to
> another file system via scp so the original timestamps are
> unavailable.]
> tlunde at noir:~/Desktop$ grep bottle bottles*
> Binary file bottles.jpg matches
> tlunde at noir:~/Desktop$
> tlunde at noir:~$ dpkg -l |grep kam
> ii  digikam                                    2:0.9.2-2ubuntu2
>              digital photo management application for KDE
> ii  digikam-doc                                0.9.2~beta2-1ubuntu1
>              handbook for digikam and showfoto in several languages
> tlunde at noir:~$
> If there are packages of 0.9.3 for ubuntu gusty, I'll be happy to try
> those and see if the result is the same.
> Thanks for any guidance.
> Thomas
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