[Digikam-users] digiKam 0.9.3-rc1 relased

Gerhard Kulzer gerhardkgmx at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 20:50:08 GMT 2007

Hi everybody.
The digiKam team has published the 0.9.3-rc1 release. Downloads as usual from 
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=42641 and 
http://digikam3rdparty.free.fr/0.9 releases/

There is again a new very practical feature integrated:
In the Albums/Tags/Searches/TagsFilter sidebars the is a live filter at the 
bottom that lets you search for a string in Albums/Tags/Searches/TagsFilter 
hierarchy, much as amarok does it int he collections.

A word on stability. I know that many of you wait until a 'stable' sees the 
day of light in order to upgrade digiKam. I will not tell you to do 
otherwise. But! I update digikam daily per cron job from svn since 4 years 
now. I have never lost a single image, nor have I lost the database or 
metadata. And I have 35K images in the album. Bugs are generally functions 
that don't work, but they are not destructive. Now do what you want :-)

And of course several bug fixes:
digiKam BUGFIXES FROM KDE BUGZILLA (alias B.K.O | http://bugs.kde.org):

052 ==> 152522 : Support for *.3gp and *.mp4 video files in digiKam (already 
supported by KDE video players).
053 ==> 128231 : A way to view pictures recursively in albums and sub-albums
		 at the same time would be cool.
054 ==> 133191 : Quick search/filter for albums like in amarok.
055 ==> 146364 : Incremental search for tags in all tag fields.
056 ==> 152843 : Live filter does not work if no text is displayed under
057 ==> 148629 : "Adjust Exif orientation tag" does not continue after error.
058 ==> 144165 : Numeric values in Histogram -> Statistics frame should be
059 ==> 148037 : Tiff images are not displayed with correct colours.
060 ==> 152961 : Cannot remove album from tree.
061 ==> 121314 : More options to display the album tree.
062 ==> 141085 : Some strings are untranslated in digiKam.
063 ==> 151403 : Crashed trying to save a image downloaded from the camera.

Be happy, run digiKam

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