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Andreas Weigl Andreas.Weigl at silicoids-world.de
Sat Dec 8 08:44:12 GMT 2007


Am Saturday 08 December 2007 schrieb Dotan Cohen:
> Actually, I meant KDE ingredients -> File Manager -> Thumbnails and
> Metadata -> Maximum Size which I had set to 100.0 MB. However, I am
> now not as convinced as I once was that this controls the size of the
> _digikam_ thumbnails cache. I thought that they were one and the same

I don't think that controls the size of .thumbnail.
1. On my system it is set to 5 MB and as I mentioned before, my .thumbnail 
directory has a size of 70 MB
2. The option says "Maximum file size". So I think that controls the maximum 
size of a thumbnail in konqueror and/or dolphin.

The question is who controls the size of the .thumbnail directory and how 
exactly does the thumbnail caching work.
I'm not a developer, so I can't answer that.

One thing you could test.

1. Create two albums with only a couple of pictures (e.g. 5 each)
2. View both albums in digikam (the thumbnails should be cached now).
3. Open a command line and type "touch testfile"
4. View both albums in digikam again
5. In command line do "find ~/.thumbnails -newer testfile"

If find prints some files then new files have been written or changed. If 
their are no new files than the caching in general works.
I did this on my system. No new files here.

If you do not get any files you can do the same test with your big albums. 
If there are new thumbnails you either hit a limit or the caching doesn't work 

How many files do you have in .thumbnail?
find ./~thumbnails -type f | wc -l
How long does an 
ls -l
in your .thumbnails directory take?

I'm a unix admin and one problem my customers usually have is that they do not 
clean their directories. In some cases they have over 60000 files in a 
directory. ls is going smooth, but "ls -l" (reading the file meta data) is 
slow as hell. I don't think thats your problem, because I would expect a high 
system load and you didn't have one.
You can not clean the .thumbnails directory (you cache would be gone). But I 
saw that "all files" are in one directory. A structure like squid or postfix 
is usally much more performant.


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