[Digikam-users] How to remove IPTC tags.

Paristo paristo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 04:23:00 GMT 2007

I get help from here to use exiv2 -d command for remove iptc tags what
might be reason why digikam dont start on me and "crash" to "reading
database" part while SVN --debug compile dont give reason because it
works then but is slower.

Help file gives for exiv2 option '-d ic' to remove IPTC tags and Exif comments.

I have taken copies of all my pictures and i have few hundreds albums
and i just noticed that exiv2 command dont support wildcards. Or
actually it support but it dont understand difference between file and

I have all my pictures on /media/lacie1/pictures directory what is
USB2.0 harddrive.
on ../pictures/ i have these few hundreds subdirectories where every
album just have pictures like:

../pictures/07-11-31 something informative what album have
../pictures/07-11-15 something other informative what album have
../pictures/06-05-14 information for album
and so on...
I dont have any subdirectories on every "album" like:
../pictures/06-05-14 information for album/RAW
../pictures/06-05-14 information for album/JPEG

I want to remove IPTC and Exif comments from copy files (on other drive now)
But when i try exiv2 -d ic /media/lacie1/pictures/*/*.jpg it gives
error that too big listing.
exiv2 -d ic /media/lacie1/pictures/* gives error what gives list of
directories and error that those couldn't be opened for edit.

Is there way to have exiv2 command go trought all albums without
needed to do it by hand. I have just renamed all albums again and it
took few days and i would not like to do this again in konsole to
order same command to every directory and fight with spaces what is on
their names.

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