[Digikam-users] how to convert XML comments to database?

Martin Metz Martin at MMetz.de
Sat Dec 1 08:50:10 GMT 2007


long time ago I used an older version of Digikam, probably 0.6 but I'm
not sure (as part of SUSE 9.1). This version stored comment texts for
images in one XML file per folder.

Now I updated to open SUSE 10.3 which contains Digikam 0.9.2.
All my old albums/photos were converted to the new version. But no
comment texts of the photos are now known in the system!
As far as I understood until now all this data are stored within an
internal DB.

What can I do to convert the XML texts to the new database?
I would not be happy to read all this texts from XML and add it to the
new version manually.

Thanks for you help,

Martin Metz

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