[Digikam-users] image editor on left-click on thumbnail

Tibor Blenessy tiborb at matfyz.cz
Wed Aug 29 13:59:53 BST 2007

Gurvan Huiban wrote:
>> ~/.thumbnails is freedesktop.org standard. 
> I did not know that.
>> If you really don't want that  
>> you can: 
>> - hack Digikam sources [1]
>> - make symlink to you hard drive
>> [1] This is better option. Many Linux apps are using .thumbnails and you can
>> get some nasty surprises when messing with location of that directory. 
> Will have a look...
> Actually, what bothers me the most is the disk space used by the ~/.thumbnails 
> directory (for instance, on my computer, it uses more than 650MB; 
> increasing).
> Is there a way to limit in a way or another the disk usage of the 
> ~/.thumbnails directory?
> Thank you,

As far, as I understand the standard, it should be safe to simply delete 
all that thumbnails. They will be recreated again, when app tries to 
show that thumbnail. To limit the size of the dir, one could write 
simple cron task, to check the size of the dir and if huge, delete 
oldest thumbs (or some other similar strategy).

Tibor Blenessy

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