[Digikam-users] image editor on left-click on thumbnail

Gurvan Huiban gugs.ml at free.fr
Wed Aug 29 13:00:22 BST 2007

> ~/.thumbnails is freedesktop.org standard. 

I did not know that.

> If you really don't want that  
> you can: 

> - hack Digikam sources [1]
> - make symlink to you hard drive

> [1] This is better option. Many Linux apps are using .thumbnails and you can
> get some nasty surprises when messing with location of that directory. 

Will have a look...

Actually, what bothers me the most is the disk space used by the ~/.thumbnails 
directory (for instance, on my computer, it uses more than 650MB; 

Is there a way to limit in a way or another the disk usage of the 
~/.thumbnails directory?

Thank you,
    Gurvan Huiban

     "My mother used to make coffee this way...
         And good."    (from "Once upon in the West")

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