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Hello Francesco,

Francesco Scaglioni schrieb:
> What worried me about hard drives is that they have moving
> parts and maybe prone to failure (I want to leave my
> pictures for my children in the future).  That is why I was
> looking at optical storeage (multiple copies) but needed a
> structured way to do it.  Certainly a USB har-drive would be
> the simplest (along with either rysnc or unison).

if you plan to archive your pictures to optical medias, remember
that normal CD-R and DVD-R are not very good regarding keeping data
over the years. IMHO CDs are good for a maxuimum of 7 years and DVDs
for a maximum of 3 years, but only if they are good burns.

I just saw special Archive-CD/DVD with a golden layer, which are
designed to keep the data for 100-200 years (i.e. from Kodak). I
personally think about using these medias to archive my pictures.

Alternativly the DVD-RAM medias should be much better regarding
their quality, than normal DVD-Medias. Currently I archive on this
kind of optical media.

To easily know which data has been archived, I organized my Pictures
based on the timestamps (year/year-month-day_albumname). This allows
to archive pictures (multiple =;-) year-archive-disks.

Beside of the archive storage of my pictures, I use an external
USB-Disk to keep my complete home-directory backuped. This helps to
easily recover deleted files or crashed harddisks, but is not
suitable for real archiving.

I use an rsync-Script managing incremental backups but keep the
backuped data in an "hard-linked" filesystem-structure, which allows
to access all backuped data through the actual incremental backup
directory, even if the last backup of an file is several weeks ago.
Additionally you have an history about several days which is

The base version of the script, which backups remote systems through
ssh, could be find at
"http://www.heinlein-support.de/web//rsync-backup/" which is a
german website.


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