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Joseph Dew j.d at paradise.net.nz
Sat Aug 4 00:32:31 BST 2007

Francesco Scaglioni wrote:
> What worried me about hard drives is that they have moving
> parts and maybe prone to failure (I want to leave my
> pictures for my children in the future).  That is why I was
> looking at optical storeage (multiple copies) but needed a
> structured way to do it.  Certainly a USB har-drive would be
> the simplest (along with either rysnc or unison).
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Just be careful with CDRs as they use a chemical method to store the 
data and are prone to early failure aswell.

see these:


It may only affect cheap nasty cds and writers, I don't know.
I treat CDRs the same as 3.5" floppies...unreliable at best and never 
for anything you don't want to loose.

The other thing with a harddrive is you don't have to sit through the 
load/unload regime when doing a restore.
Also a 120G external harddrive is smaller than 200 CDRs so you can take 
your backup with you when you go on holiday.

The other thing with a harddrive backup is every time you do an 
incremental backup...you can also to a verify on all the data so you can 
pick up an error as soon as it occurs. This means you can replace the 
backup drive when you still have your real data intact.

With the CD method...you don't know about a failure until you try and do 
a restore.

Just some things to consider.


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