[Digikam-users] Howto move Albums from one PC to another?

Gerhard Kulzer gerhard at kulzer.net
Wed Aug 1 12:47:36 BST 2007

Am Tuesday 31 July 2007 schrieb Volker Guelke:
> Hello everybody,
> I'm currently using two computers (one laptop, one desktop) both running
> digiKam. The laptop is used for the initial import and viewing of new
> photos if I'm away from home. The desktop is my datastorage and working
> environment.
> During my last holidays I found the time to enter a lot of tags on my
> photos inside the laptop digiKam installation. Now I'm back home and
> want to migrate the new albums to my desktop-computer and of course, I
> want to keep the tags on the pictures.
> Now my questions:
> Is there a way to migrate tags together with the album from on PC to
> another?
> Is there a kind of "whitepaper" on using digiKam in a multi-pc or
> multiuser environment to bypass the problems which are potentially
> located in such "non-standard" environments?
> Thanks in advance,
> Volker
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Hi Volker,
this is to answer (partly) the two mails of you:

digiKam can be set-up (settings->configure digiKam->metadata) so as to write 
all authoring data, comments and tags into the IPTC fields of the every image 
file. If you do that you can actually move the files outside digiKam and 
recover the metadata (provided they've not been overwritten by another 
program) when re-integrating them into the digikam library path.

If you havn't set the above safe-metadata-to-file option yet, you can still 
write all metadata into the files from Album menu: Synchronize images with 
database. Unfortunately you have to do that album by album.


Hakuna matata
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