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Christian David mail at christian-david.de
Wed Sep 27 21:00:53 BST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 27. September 2006 20:14 schrieb Brandon Olds:
> But now HOW DO I get it to load up under my APPS in KDE? Or how do I even
> launch the app.  I know that there are some more commands that are probably
> understood.  But for the beginner if it's not laid out step by step it gets
> a little confusing.  So if someone could help me out on what I need to do
> next to get it to where I can open it from KDE I would greatly appreciate
> it.  
Press Alt +F2 and enter "digikam" to start the program. If this does not work, 
then (a) digikam is not installed, or (b) it is not in the default path, try 
to find it in /usr/local/bin then.

To add it to your menu, right click the K menu and select the Menueditor. Then 
you can add a new Element really easy.

If you are a new to Linux you should look for an package for your 
distribution, that is a lot easier. But so or so: good luck!

Christian Dávid
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