[Digikam-users] Newbie - Help

Brandon Olds hhbolds at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 19:14:51 BST 2006

Hi group,

New to Linux to begin with so please be patient with me while I learn.  

I am running FreeBSD6.1.  I am trying to figure out something really easy for the most of you.  I have looked all over Digikam and KDE and have found nothing.  Maybe it was learned in unin for beginners, but my problem is this:

I followed the directions on the Digikam manual for install.  Download the tar file, extract it.  Make, Make install.....    

But now HOW DO I get it to load up under my APPS in KDE? Or how do I even launch the app.  I know that there are some more commands that are probably understood.  But for the beginner if it's not laid out step by step it gets a little confusing.  So if someone could help me out on what I need to do next to get it to where I can open it from KDE I would greatly appreciate it.  

Thanks for you time!

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