[Digikam-users] Help finding thumbnail cache settings?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Wed Sep 27 15:20:13 BST 2006

> > Each time digikam is loaded, the thumbnail files (.png) need to be loaded
> > of course. This is probably what you are experiencing?
> Sure, there's a delay, but it's not a problem.
> > For drawing, digikam uses an internal cache of 100 pixmaps, so the last
> > 100 are displayed without any loading.
> This could be what I'm seeing! Is this setting configurable at all or can I
> simply find it in the code and change it before compiling? Maybe I need
> more RAM so the system can buffer the pixmaps.. I have 512Mb now. I don't
> get much swapping, but buffers get eaten into regularly.

I also have 512MB memory. See my other posting about digikam's memory usage.

This is not configurable.
The relevant line is digikam/pixmapmanager.cpp,  60
    m_cache = new QCache<QPixmap>(101, 211);
You can increase both, 101 is the limit and 211 a prime number >50% bigger.
At least to find out if that is really what is bugging you.

With thumbnail size 128 a hundred pixmaps take about 6MB, with 256 it is 
already 24MB!


> Dennis

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